Participant Guide – Jeux franco-canadien du Nord et de l’Ouest (JFCNO)

Publié le 8 avril 2023
Par Dominique Legal et Derrek Bentley

When are JFCNO ? 

July 11 to 15, 2023 in Victoria, BC. July 10 and 16 will be travel days for the Manitoban delegation. 

What are JFCNO ?

Les Jeux franco-canadien du Nord et de l’Ouest (JFCNO), or the Northwestern Francophone Games, is a gathering dedicated to French-speaking youth between the ages of 14 and 18, living in the northern and western provinces of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and Yukon). This event is five days of unique experiences that will strengthen the cultural identity of these young francophones, with many opportunities to meet and engage with new friends !

The JFCNO are a non-competitive event that will focus on building relationships between French-speaking youth aged 14 to 18 from across the Western provinces and the North. Its objective is to offer stimulating and diverse programming for French-speaking youth that will help them create resilience to the ever-changing world that surrounds them, especially after several years of isolation, lack of support in French and increased mental health awareness.

The JFCNO is dedicated to promoting the diversity of skills of French-Canadian youth.

For more information about the event please visit 

JFCNO are not JeuxFC

The 2020 Victoria Games (JeuxFC) is the local host committee which was created to organize the 8th edition of the Canadian Francophone Games in July 2020. These Games are owned by the national partner, the Fédération jeunesse canadienne-française (FJCF) of which the Conseil Jeunesse Provincial (Cjp) is a member.

In December 2021, the FJCF canceled the Victoria 2020 Games and began their process to organize and plan the next edition. The location is yet to be announced, but they are set to appear again in 2025. The Conseil Jeunesse Provincial is the organisation responsible for Équipe Manitoba (Team Manitoba).

What is CJP’s role in JFCNO ? 

The Conseil Jeunesse Provincial (Cjp) is Manitoba’s Francophone youth organization. The Cjp is a non-profit organization run By Youth For Youth. Members are French Speaking youth, ages 14 to 25 who reside in Manitoba.

The Cjp is the recruitment partner for JFCNO for the Manitoba delegation. As such, the Cjp is responsible for registering Manitoba’s participants to JFCNO, collecting their registration fees and forwarding these to JFCNO. Cjp will provide chaperones for the Manitoba delegation who are : 

  • Employees of the Cjp
  • Volunteers who are employees of the Cjp’s partner organizations
  • Volunteers

All chaperones are selected by the Cjp and serve at the pleasure of Cjp’s General Director. 

Cjp will also coordinate transportation to Victoria from Manitoba for JFCNO. 

All participants and their parents or legal guardians as well as all chaperones will be required to sign a consent form and a participants code of conduct agreement. Failing to complete the required documentation before indicated deadlines may result in forfeiture of the registration with or without reimbursement of fees. 

How to register as a participant


All registrations will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, see this page to register:  For the music discipline, interested participants are to contact us directly.

When the form is completed and the payment made, participants will receive a confirmation email. This reserves the participants’ place in the Manitoba delegation pending the completion of the consent form, participant code of conduct, and all other documentation required by Cjp before the indicated deadlines.

The discipline selection is part of the form, one must be selected to complete the registration and is limited to the number of places available in the delegation.

The registration fee is $750 (including administration fees.) Payment must be made on our platform.

The discipline will be selected during registration. Spots for all disciplines are limited. For more information about the disciplines, number of spots and the competition format, see the following website :

More information

Please contact [email protected]

Pour toute information supplémentaire s.v.p communiquer avec:

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